Technology Courses

Our technology-focused courses offer rigorous learning in the software and hardware systems that define the modern workplace. If you're looking to broaden your computing skills through coding or staying current on the latest technological developments, topics, and concerns, you'll find ample opportunities for learning.

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Medical Billing: Certified Professional Coder

This course offers you the opportunity to bring immediate value to your practice by learning medical coding skills with a strong foundation in diagnostic coding.

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Technology Boot Camps

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AI Boot Camp

Behind every smart device is a smarter human. How will you harness the power of AI for your organization?

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Coding Boot Camp

Coding and logic-based skills are becoming increasingly in-demand across job markets. Our Coding Boot Camp, available in 24-week part-time and 12-week immersive formats, teaches you the key skills for front-end and back-end development and helps prepare you for success in the professional world.

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Cybersecurity Boot Camp

As computer networks grow, so does the quantity of vulnerable information. Our part-time, 24-week Cybersecurity Boot Camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in IT, networking and modern information security.

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Data Analytics Boot Camp

From healthcare to nonprofits to financial services, nearly every industry needs professionals who have the ability to translate data into actionable insights. The DU Data Analytics Boot Camp is a part-time, 24-week program that will empower you to gain the knowledge and skills to conduct robust analytics on real-world problems.

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Digital Marketing Boot Camp

This program provides you with the tools you need to understand the ways people research, interact with, and make decisions about products and businesses.

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Machine Learning & AI Micro Boot Camp

Everyone’s talking about AI. Don’t just join the conversation, lead it. Unlock the transformative power of artificial intelligence in as few as 8 weeks through this online, self-paced course designed to give you the context, confidence, and technical skills you need to catapult yourself into the future. 

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UX/UI Boot Camp

Phrases like “responsive design” and “user-friendly interface” have become increasingly important in today's business world. Now, more than ever, companies need thinkers with the ability to transform their businesses through optimized interfaces and seamless user experiences.

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