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Empower Your Team with a Coaching Skills Certificate

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Center for Professional Development

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Are you looking to maximize your impact at work? Coaching skills are in short supply and high demand. Based on a 2017 survey from Financial Times, coaching skills were listed as the most difficult to recruit, and 76% of employers are seeking job candidates with coaching skills. To meet the needs of business today, training for coaching skills is a necessity. From small to large-scale organizations, training for managers is a top priority. Take Google for example: they invested in training their management team and after implementing coaching skills training, Google saw improvement in manager quality for 75% of their lowest-ranked managers. Listening skills and providing clear and direct feedback were among the coaching skills used in the training that helped managers improve their performance.

Gain the coaching skills you need to advance in your career and encourage others to achieve peak performance by enrolling in a non-credit Coaching Skills certificate program at the University of Denver's Center for Professional Development. Learn powerful questioning techniques, strategies for improving accountability, listening skills for deep rapport, and other essential coaching skills. Whether you are running a business, leading a team, or performing as an individual contributor to an organization, a certificate will assist you in your own leadership development.

Enhance your understanding of emotional and social intelligence frameworks and learn to facilitate challenging conversations. Gain skills to create alignment between goals, values, and actions, all while promoting greater team resilience. Learn to better connect with and inspire others!