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Gain Skills to Advance Your Career in Financial Technology through University of Denver

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Center for Professional Development

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In 2022, the fields of finance and technology are more connected than ever. AI, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other leading technologies are woven into personal finance, accounting, investing, and more.  

As more digital alternatives to traditional options in the finance industry are provided, established companies are realizing the necessity of adopting new technologies. In fact, 88% of financial institutions expect to lose business to standalone fintech companies in the next five years, according to Fortunly.

In Denver, IT, finance, and banking are seeing massive demand with approximately 116,000 people in Colorado currently employed in the three industries. And, career opportunities in fintech are projected to grow 64.9% in the next decade.

Break into fintech with the 24-week FinTech Boot Camp offered through the Center for Professional Development at University of Denver that prepares you to succeed in automating and improving financial services using cutting-edge technology.  

“The Denver market is ripe for fintech professionals who want to work for organizations to help automate traditional financial services,” said Renae Jacob, executive director of the Center for Professional Development. “From digital banking to blockchain and crypto currency, fintech continues to change the way businesses and consumers think about finance, and we are excited to help educate people wanting to learn more.”

A flexible, online, part-time format with a blend of live, instructor-led classes and engaging content to complete on your own schedule provides the real-world knowledge students need to move toward a career in fintech.

With a project-based curriculum, students gain ample experience with a host of popular tools and methods such as Python programming, financial libraries, machine learning algorithms, Ethereum, and blockchain. They can expect to gain real-world, marketable skills to leverage these fintech fundamentals in fields from financial planning to hedge funds, as well as learn best practices for using these skills to add value to an organization.

In addition, a wide set of career services such as resume and portfolio reviews, interview training, and 1:1 coaching, are offered to give students a leg up on the competition in the workforce.

Learn more about the University of Denver FinTech Boot Camp starting June 28 at