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Elevating Leadership Excellence: CPD Empowers Fiore & Sons, Inc. Leaders Through Coaching Skills Certificate Program

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In the dynamic landscape of professional development, organizations increasingly recognize the pivotal role of coaching in fostering leadership excellence and driving organizational success. Recently, the University of Denver's Center for Professional Development (CPD) successfully concluded the first of two Coaching Skills certificate programs tailored for leaders at Fiore & Sons, Inc., a privately held heavy civil contractor in Colorado. Facilitated by Maureen Breeze, an esteemed coach and instructor with over 25 years of expertise, the program delivered transformative insights and actionable strategies to empower participants in unlocking their full potential as leaders. 

With a robust background in leadership development, coaching, and executive management across diverse industries and global contexts, Maureen Breeze brought a wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom to the program. She developed a tailored learning experience, enriching the curriculum with real-world case studies and personalized content that resonated deeply with the participants' roles and challenges at Fiore & Sons. 

One of the key highlights of the program was the customization of coaching content to address the specific needs and dynamics of Fiore & Sons. Through interactive exercises, participants were equipped with tools to enhance their coaching efficacy and drive sustainable growth within their respective roles. From exploring models for giving feedback to engaging guests from within the company for insightful discussions, the program fostered a holistic learning environment that seamlessly integrated theory with practical application. 

The diverse cohort of leaders, including Site Superintendents, General Superintendents, Directors of Operations, and Project Management, attested to the program's profound impact on their professional growth and skill development. Their glowing testimonials underscored the effectiveness of Breeze's teaching methodology and the program's relevance in empowering high-performing individuals to further excel in their roles. 

The significance of coaching skills training for Fiore & Sons lies in its commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and talent development. By investing in the personal and professional growth of its employees, Fiore & Sons reinforces its dedication to nurturing future leaders and driving organizational excellence. 


Join the University of Denver's CPD Coaching Skills Certificate Program and Unlock Your Leadership Potential 

As the University of Denver's CPD continues to champion leadership development, it extends an invitation to professionals seeking to enhance their coaching acumen and elevate their leadership capabilities. The upcoming Coaching Skills Certificate program, beginning April 18th, offers a unique opportunity to learn, practice, and network with like-minded professionals in the Denver community. 

Designed as a non-credit program, the Coaching Skills Certificate equips participants with invaluable techniques to inspire peak performance, resolve conflicts, and promote collective buy-in. Through a blend of lectures, discussions, and interactive role-plays, participants will refine their coaching style, empower their teams, and emerge as more effective leaders in their respective domains. 

Whether aspiring to lead a team, drive organizational change, or advance to a supervisory role, the Coaching Skills Certificate promises to be a transformative journey towards leadership excellence. 

To embark on this enriching learning experience and take the next step in your leadership journey, visit University of Denver's CPD Coaching Skills Certificate for more information and registration details.