Coaching Skills Certificate

Learn and practice new coaching skills while networking with other professionals in the Denver community.

I cannot recommend the program enough. You and your organization will be better prepared to lead and motivate people after taking this course.

Geoff Essman

The Coaching Skills Certificate is a non-credit program that teaches techniques to inspire others for peak performance. Through lecture, discussion, and supported role-plays, you will learn to work with various personality types, effectively resolve conflict, and promote collective buy-in. Over four sessions, you will develop your individual coaching style, learn to support and empower your employees, and practice techniques to become a more effective leader. The program culminates in a final practicum where you will use role-plays and interactive videos to hone your newly developed coaching skills.

Whether you are running a business, leading a team, or looking for a promotion to a supervisor role, this certificate will assist you in your own leadership development.

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Course Information

This course takes place live online via Zoom over four evening sessions.

Contact Hours: 12

  • Sessions 1 and 2: Coaching Fundamentals

    Enhance your coaching skills and learn how to develop and promote the growth of others! Whether you are running a business, leading a team, or developing future professionals, coaching skills can help you inspire others for peak performance.

    In these sessions, you’ll learn coaching techniques to create buy-in, promote high engagement, facilitate difficult conversations, and support behavior change. Through engaging activities, you’ll explore strategies for asking powerful questions, improving accountability, building deep rapport, and other critical skills to maximize your impact as a coach. In addition, you’ll learn how coaching can help you work effectively with different personality types and how to use these skills to manage resistance. 

  • Session 3: Strategies to Promote Emotional & Social Agility in the Workplace

    Do you feel confident in your ability to promote the emotional and social agility of your employees? A leader’s ability to manage others’ emotions, handle difficult conversations, and foster resilience are just a few of the critical skills needed to ensure high performance in the workplace.  

    In this session, you’ll explore a framework for emotional and social intelligence, as well as learn the supporting research behind these concepts. Learn and leverage a conflict management assessment tool to introduce various strategies for dealing with conflict. Case studies will be incorporated to explore methods for building trust, facilitating challenging interactions, and pausing versus reacting in emotionally charged situations. The session will conclude with an activity designed to help you promote broader social awareness in your organization.  

  • Session 4: Skills Practice

    Coaching skills take time to develop. Our natural tendency when supporting the professional growth of an employee is to give advice and suggest strategies for a solution to a particular challenge, but coaching differs from advising. The key to effective coaching is to leverage specific techniques to help your employee gain clarity, find relevance, and make powerful and productive choices that connect to their intrinsic motivation.

    In this culminating session, you’ll continue to develop coaching skills related to relevant questioning techniques, building accountability, and managing resistance. You will deepen your ability to build rapport for transformation and create alignment between goals, values, and actions. Role playing, interactive videos, triad sessions, and a large group coaching activity will give you additional hands-on experience to practice and hone your coaching skills. 

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Who should take this course?

  • Managers looking to use coaching to shift perspectives and drive accountability

  • Team leaders who want to create alignment, lead productive conversations, and boost performance

  • Aspiring leaders ready to build their supervisory skills and boost their resumes

  • Professionals in corporate, non-profit, government, and education fields looking to improve how they lead and inspire others

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Maureen Breeze has over 25 years of combined experience in the fields of leadership development, facilitation, coaching, and executive/senior level management. She has facilitated trainings on coaching skills, emotional and social intelligence, leadership, and innovation for organizations across the U.S. and in Germany, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and China. In addition, she has conducted seminars for the Gulf Business Training Network and the Shanghai Entrepreneur Center.

Maureen has authored three books on leadership, coaching, and creative thinking. She is an ICF certified executive coach and leverages her business and interpersonal expertise to support clients from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, government, retail, technology, mining, professional services, and construction, among others.