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Successful Coaching Certificate Program for Texas HHSC

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In August 2023, the University of Denver's Center for Professional Development (CPD) successfully completed the first of two Coaching Skills certificate programs for leaders at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). The journey from initial contact to program delivery was a testament to the dedication of Bonnie Abraham from Texas HHSC and the expertise of Maureen Breeze, our amazing coach and instructor. 

The story begins in November 2022 when Bonnie Abraham with Texas HHSC reached out to CPD with a specific goal in mind. She sought a training program that would empower leaders across the state to enhance their skills in training, coaching, and supervising other employees. These leaders belonged to the "Organizational Engagement and Support" and "Leadership and Professional Development" teams, and their mission was clear: to foster growth and development within their organization.

Bonnie's research led her to CPD, and what caught her attention was our Coaching Skills certificate program. This program stood out for several reasons. It was shorter, more cost-effective, and focused on skill development rather than pursuing certification as an executive coach. While it offered a non-credit certificate of completion, it was precisely what Texas HHSC was looking for.

After Bonnie's initial contact, a series of conversations, proposals, and timeline adjustments followed. CPD worked closely with Bonnie to customize the program to meet the specific needs of the HHSC group. Maureen, our expert coach and instructor, played a pivotal role in tailoring content to align with an assessment process used by their agency.

The program's framework was based on our standard 4-session online course, which has been meticulously designed, tested, and refined by Maureen. This combination of customized content and a well-established curriculum ensured that the program would deliver a high-quality learning experience.

In mid-August, all nine participants from the HHSC group successfully completed the program and received a non-credit coaching skills certificate from the University of Denver's Center for Professional Development. This certificate serves as a tangible recognition of their dedication and coaching skills.

The success of the first cohort was met with overwhelming positive feedback. Participants found the program immensely valuable in enhancing their coaching and leadership abilities. This success story has paved the way for the upcoming second cohort, which will include 21 additional participants from HHSC. Maureen is scheduled to return to Texas in late October to continue the journey of skill development and growth.

The University of Denver's Center for Professional Development is proud to have partnered with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to provide a coaching certificate program that meets the specific needs of their leadership teams. This program's success demonstrates the importance of tailored training solutions and the impact they can have on an organization's growth and development. As the second cohort prepares to embark on their coaching journey, we look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact of this program on Texas HHSC and its dedicated leaders.

Calling All Aspiring Coaches and Leaders!

Are you passionate about personal growth, leadership development, and helping others reach their full potential? Do you want to enhance your coaching skills or learn the art of effective coaching from experts in the field? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

The University of Denver's Center for Professional Development (CPD) is thrilled to invite individuals from all backgrounds to participate in our upcoming Coaching Skills Certificate Program. Whether you're a budding coach, a manager looking to improve your leadership abilities, or simply someone interested in the transformative power of coaching, this program is designed for you.

Comprehensive Learning: Our program consists of four in-depth sessions, where you will gain valuable insights, techniques, and hands-on experience in coaching.

Expert Instruction: You'll be guided by Maureen Breeze, an expert coach and instructor, with years of experience in the field. Her expertise will help you unlock your coaching potential.

Flexible Online Format: The program will be conducted online, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own space, no matter where you are located.
Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully completing the program, you will receive a non-credit coaching skills certificate from the University of Denver's CPD, a testament to your commitment to personal and professional development.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of growth and development and join a community of like-minded individuals, visit to learn more and enroll. Hurry, online course begins October 5.